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Own installer
Hi, ​Can I create my own installer using wix and register yours dll's for plantronics? Regards, ​Ignacy

Hi,<br /> If you are using the Native Library API (Spokes.lib/Spokes.dll) then yes. You can include these files in your own installer:<br /> Spokes.dll<br /> BaseHostCommand2Dynamic.dll<br /> PlantronicsDevices.xml<br /> <br /> Deploy the files to the runtime folder of your application.<br /> <br /> If you are using one of these APIs:<br /> - COM Service API<br /> - COM Service .NET Interop API (Interop.Plantronics.dll)<br /> - REST API<br /> you can chain the .msi&#39;s provided with the SDK (HubSDKNativeRuntime.msi/HubSDKRuntime.msi/HubSDKStartup.msi).<br /> When you have installed the SDK these are to be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Plantronics\Spokes3G SDK<br /> <br /> Note: omit HubSDKStartup.msi if you are using COM APIs.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.<br /> &nbsp;

Hi, thanks for reply. Unfortunately this is not exactly what we are looking for. Chaining installers would be rather complicated and unnecessary in order to get support for C# wrapper. Basically we need to reference Interop.Plantronics.dll in our C# application, which is packaged by wix installer. Distributing Interop DLL along with out application would greatly simplify distributing out product, and it is just the simplest solution to get it done. Packaging interop library with out application would give us a better way to manage our dependencies (Quality Assurance must be performed in consistent environment, so registering to 3rd party libraries that are not part of our product is not acceptable in our organisation, we must bundle it along with our application). I went through Terms of use and I do not specifically see a point which states that bundling native library is okay, but bundling Interop.Plantronics.dll is forbidden, could you point me to terms of use that specifically describes usage and distribution terms? Regards Adrian Guzowski Grape Up Incorporated

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