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Plantronics Headset - Delay and power save
Hi, One of us end users heve two issues with the Plantronics headset (Savi 74x):
  • The induced delay when picking up calls from the headset. It takes ~2 seconds (this is probably over-estimated) for the call and voice path to be established. Picking up from the handset button is immediate. 
  • The headset goes into powersave mode after 1 hour.
I tought it may be because of COM objects utilisation in our software. Have you ever heard oubout this kind of issue? If yes, can we do something? Kind Regards.

Hi,<br /> That is the typical audio uptime for the DECT product. However, as a workaround you can configure in Hub to have the headset active always.<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.

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