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Plantronics Hub causes error in iTunes
So I'm not a developer, just a Windows user.  I'm posting here because I couldn't find another Plantronics forum to post to. I am using the following versions of these programs: Plantronics Hub 3.10.1 Build 9143 iTunes If Plantronics Hub is running (including just in the systray) when I try to close iTunes, iTunes hangs then shows this error: iTunes One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface.  Are you sure you want to quit? If you do nothing, all applications that are using the scripting interface will be automatically disconnected in 19 second. Quit     Don't Quit I'd add an image of the error, but the add media button says I'm not logged in when I click it. When I click Quit, it hangs again for a moment and then finally closes. I've uninstalled both iTunes and Plantronics Hub, power-cycled my PC, then installed them both again and this issue persists. I haven't tested this issue on another PC, but I suspect the results will be the same. I'm on Windows 10 with all the latest Windows Updates as of today 2017-10-19. I don't expect any help with this issue.  I just wanted to make someone in Plantronics development aware of the issue.  For all I know, you are already. The work around for now seems to be just closing Plantronics Hub completely either via the systray or Task Manager.

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