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Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC - missing features and settings
Hello, I am not sure I am posting in the right place, if not, I am sorry. I have bought Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC headset and I have following problems / hints / requests: 1) Headset has sidetone with no possibility to turn it off. Only low / medium / high settings. There is multiple persons complaining about it. It has weird electo sound of yours when speaking during a call. Disadvantage of no possibility to turn it off is also in some loud environment because when I call or set a microphone to open, I can hear the noise e.g. from the laboratory compressors, pressure pulsation and noise from other devices. It is harder to understand in loud environment and in case of sidetone it only makes it worse because the sound is duplicated and much louder than it would be when it would be turned off. Is there any way to add this possibility of settings for this headset into the Plantronics Hub app? 2) There is no notification when the call ends. When calling on smart phone, I have to double check whether the phone call has ended or not. No possibility to turn this ON in the app. If I am on wrong place, where should I put these requests so some responsible persons for FW / SW from Poly would read this and implement the features eventually? Thank you for your support!