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Problems with named pipes and PlantronicsURE.exe
I develop a Windows program that uses named pipes for communication and PlantronicsURE.exe prevents its working. Here is the pipe handle PlantronicsURE.exe pid: 3888   type: Section        CD4: \BaseNamedObjects\net.pipe:EbmV0LnBpcGU6Ly8rLw== and a web page that describes the problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15981392/3rd-party-app-breaks-our-wcf-application/15987095#15987095 So the real question is, how I can shut down that program and restart it safely. For testing I used task manager and stopping that program indeed helped.

Hi,<br /> PlantronicsURE.exe cannot be forcefully killed without potential damage to it&#39;s settings file.<br /> Also PlantronicsURE.exe is a component of our old Plantronics Spokes 2.8 (2.x) software which is no longer supported or available.<br /> Can you consider upgrading to our current SDK version 3.8.3?<br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.

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