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Savi W720 connected to both, Desk Phone and SoftPhone - Is Respone to Talk Button configurable?
A customer is using the Savi W720. The device is connected to both Desk Phone and our SoftPhone (Windows). Now an incoming call is ringing simultaneous on both devices. In fact it is one call that is ringing on both devices. The call could be accepted by pressing a button on the Desk Phone. The call could be accepted as well by pressing a button in the SoftPhone. For those two use cases everything is fine. But what should happen when the user presses the talk button of the headset? Right now, our SoftPhone receives the talk button press event and accepts the call. But the customer wants to accept the call on the Desk Phone - for whatever reasons. Is this use case supported by the Plantronics SDK ? Is there a configuration option that would help the customer? Thanks in advance Wolfgang

Hi,<br /> You can configure a &quot;default line&quot; on the Savi devices using the Plantronics Hub software.<br /> This will be the line that will open when you press the Talk Button when all lines are idle.<br /> <br /> However, in order to handle an incoming call correctly I would suggest instead of handling Talk Button event in the Plantronics SDK, you instead implement the IncomingCall/OutgoingCall/AnsweredCall methods. If your softphone uses these methods to inform Plantronics SDK when your Softphone has an incoming call, outgoing call or when an outgoing call is answered, you can then listen for CallStateChanged events (via COMSession / ICOMCallEvents_Event) to know when user has interacted with your Softphone&#39;s calls:<br /> <br /> // code snippet<br /> m_sessionEvents = m_comSession as ICOMCallEvents_Event;<br /> m_sessionEvents.onCallStateChanged += m_sessionEvents_CallStateChanged;<br /> <br /> The CallStateChanged event will tell you when user has interacted with your softphone&#39;s call (accepted it, ended it, etc).<br /> You will not be informed of the events relating to the desk phone calls.<br /> <br /> However, if both lines are ringing simultanously (pc and deskphone lines), then probably:<br /> one Talk button press will answer the first call to ring<br /> second Talk press will terminate that call<br /> third Talk button press will answer the second incoming call<br /> fourth Talk press will terminate that call<br /> <br /> In summary: in order for your softphone to ignore Talk button events that relate to the desk phone, the easiest option is not to use Talk button event at all, but instead use IncomingCall/OutgoingCall/AnsweredCall/CallStateChanged methodology.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Lewis.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;

Hi Lewis,<br /> <br /> thanks for the hint. I&#39;m already using IncomingCall / OutogingCall / AnsweredCall / TerminateCall but did not yet handle the related call events. I should change this for a future release. Nevertheless: The &quot;default line&quot; is only used for outgoing calls and not for the incoming call situation, so it ends up in a race condition.<br /> <br /> Wolfgang

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