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Alex Ustinov
Spokes.js cannot connect to Plantronics HUB version 3.24.0
Hi there, I have a customer case 34083133 and being forwarded to the forum.  We are using spokes.js from SDK to connect to Plantronics HUB in our application, but after upgrade to version 3.24.0 we faced with a problem that spokes.js cannot connect to the HUB.  All additional data as logs, screenshot you can find in customer case.     

Hi Alex, Thanks for the forum post. We are aware of this issue, have reproduced it with the current Hub version for Mac, and we are currently investigating. Thank you, Lewis.

Hi, This issue still exists. Is there any update? Thanks

Hi All, Any update about this issue? our customers are facing the same issue.

Hi Omar, We are expecting this issue to be resolved in the Hub 3.25 release. I am trying to confirm the expected release date. Thanks, Lewis.

Hi all. I have with customer testet MAC BookPRO 1. test with version 3.24.0 not ok 2. test with version 3.24.2 not ok 3. test with version 3.23.0 ok Function headset OK Downgrade to version 3.23.0

Hi, We are targeting the week of Nov 28th for the Hub 3.25 release with this fix. It will be posted here: https://www.poly.com/us/en/support/downloads-apps/hub-desktop with the corresponding SDK package posted here: https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks Thanks, Lewis,

Hi , I can see the spokes.js does not work now, but some app like ms team still working well with Plantronics headset , its look like they dont use Spokes , is it right ? How can we have same sdk ?

Good Morning, Hub 3.25 has been released. You can download it through the Poly Hub page (https://www.poly.com/gb/en/support/downloads-apps/hub-desktop) or through your PMP tenants. The matching SDK has been added to this site (https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks) Regards, Alasdair

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