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Spokes.js Licence
I'd like to ask if the Spokes.js library is distributed under a license such as MIT Licence. I need to put this info into a document which is for an application that uses Spokes.js as a 3rd library to implement Plantronics REST Services API interface. Thanks in advance.

Hi, The license that applies to the sample source codes that form part of the SDK (which includes spokes.js) is displayed during installation of the Plantronics SDK software from https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-hub-sdks. Please review it during the install. Sections 1 and 2 seem to permit developing/integration and redistributing the sample code... Thanks, Lewis.

Thank you calexander, but I'm afraid that spokes.js is not the one I'm asking about. I need the one that's developed for Plantronics REST API. Thank you so much lcollins. It makes sense. I guess I could use it. Thanks guys.

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