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SpokesWrapper for C# fix
I am not at github, however I know that the author of the wrapper reads this forum. The events for the wearing sensrs (test device C520) are CallState events and need to be handeld in "m_sessionComManager_DeviceStateChanged" DebugPrint(MethodInfo.GetCurrentMethod().Name, "Processing session event from source = " + e.CallSource); switch (e.CallState) { + case CallState.CallState_Don: + OnPutOn(new WearingStateArgs(true, false)); + break; + case CallState.CallState_Doff : + OnTakenOff(new WearingStateArgs(false, false)); + break; case CallState.CallState_CallRinging: m_voipIncoming = true; // Getting here indicates user is ON A CALL! In the example code they are handeld in "m_deviceListenerEvents_HandlerMethods()" which won't get called. EDIT: Honestly, adding code snippets to this forum is a mess. Sorry.  

Thank you for the code change! I will add to the github located at:&nbsp;<a href="https://github.com/pltdev/Samples/tree/master/wrappers">https://github.com/pltdev/Samples/tree/master/wrappers</a>

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