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Third Party SIP Client with Plantronics HUB: UnDocked Event though " Auto Answer (without Sensor)" is deactivated
We are using SIP Client with Plantronics Headsets and Plantronics HUB to be able to use HID functionality. Following issue is observed:  "Auto Answer (without Sensor)" option is deactivated in Hub. Undocking of headset while incomming call causes answering of the call. According logs headset (Hub) sends "Undocked" Event to the Softphone.   17.05.2023 15:36:28:019;32;mainthread-15808;EAVClientCall::OnAVCallMessage;(2C68) 17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;EAVDeviceControl::NumHIDCalls;Num: 1 17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;DeviceListenerEventSink::onHeadsetStateChanged;HeadsetStateChange: UnDocked  17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;EAVDeviceControl::NumHIDCallsConnected;Connected: 0  17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;EAVDeviceControl::GetHIDCallRinging;   17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;EAVDeviceControl::NotifyHookMute;Ringing HIDCall Hook 17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;4;mainthread-15808;EAVDeviceControl::NotifyHookMute;HookOFF  189F8F3B8E25AA4A8DC4ECF848D72C68 17.05.2023 15:36:29:011;32;mainthread-15808;EConversationWindowMessage::OnOffHookSwitch;HID event OffHookSwitch for HID call ID 189F8F3B8E25AA4A8DC4ECF848D72C68. We are awaiting that Undocked Event will be supressed in Hub if  "Auto Answer (without Sensor)" is inactive. Jabra headsets works as expected. Reproducable with Hub Software 3.25.0 Build 37131 Headsets:  
  • Savi W720-M
  • Savi W8220 (0306 / 3855 / 0315 / 3039 / 3888)
  • W440-M