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Update to Plantronics Hub 3.13.0 Build 37927 removes registry entries for COM integration
We use the COM interop for softphone integration. Since the latest update to 3.13 our cutomers start complaining that the headset hook button no longer works. I can reproduce the issue. Windows 10 x64, latest build. Plantronics Hub "PlantronicsHubInstaller-3.12.exe" is installed. Registry Keys HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Plantronics.COMSessionManager etc. are present. Plantronics Hub suggests update. Accept the update. Plantronics Hub downloads and installs the update to 3.13. The plantronics registry keys related to the COM interfaces are gone. -> Softphone integration is broken. Softphone gets class not registered etc.

Thanks for putting the automatic update on hold. This will reduce the support pressure.

Here's the link related to the above: https://www.plantronics.com/il/he/support/knowledge-base/kb-article-page?type=Product_Information__kav&lang=en_US&urlName=Hub-Release-Notes&t=All&k=.Audio%2520450

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