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Windows SDK - does Poly Lens supersede Plantronics Hub?
Hello, we are using the Windows SDK, Version 3.25.0 | Build 37131 (3.25.53800.37131), and require the customer to install Plantronics Hub as prerequisite for using Poly / Plantronics Headsets. Now one customer claims, that Poly Lens supersedes Plantronics Hub. But when I look at Poly Lens, I don't see any available COM interfaces; it is an Electron-based web application. So my question is: Should we still proceede with using the COM-based Windows SDK and Plantronics Hub? Best regards Wolfgang

Good Morning Wolfgang. Thank you for reaching out. Your customer is partially correct - Poly Lens is the successor to Plantronics Hub. However, at this time, there is no SDK available for Lens, and hence, no integration options available in Lens. Partners, like yourselves, who are using the Hub SDK should remain using the Hub SDK. Any pre-requisites required for your software to function remain unchanged - i.e. Hub may need to be installed on the end client PCs, depending on the SDK being used. You refer to the COM based Windows SDK, and also mention that you are providing an Electron based web application. You can either continue with the COM based approach, or you could try the REST API which is exposed by Hub. You can find more information about the REST API on the API overview page (https://developer.plantronics.com/softphone-integration-api-overview). In time, an SDK will be released for Lens to allow customers to migrate to the Lens platform. Regards, Alasdair

Hi Alasdair, thanks for the fast reponse, this really helps. In my case, it is a c# / .net7 application. I just observed, that Poly Lens is electron-based (so I would not expect that it exposes a COM api). Wolfgang

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