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Code Sample - Mac Soft Phone Demo link is wrong
At the bottom of the Code Samples page, in the Mac Soft Phone Demo section, the download link is wrong. I noticed the zip filename was the title of the section so by copying and changing the download link with the proper zip filename, I was able to download the file.   The Current/Wrong link is
  • Link text = softphone REST interface v3.2.4.zip
  • URL = http://developer.plantronics.com/system/files/softphone%20REST%20interface%20v3.2.4.zip
which should be changed to
  • Link text = Mac Soft Phone Demo v3.2.2.zip 
  • URL = http://developer.plantronics.com/system/files/Mac_Soft_Phone_Demo_v3.2.2.zip

Fixed - thanks!

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