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macOS SDK optimized for M1 Apple Silicon Macs
Our app has a dependency towards the Spokes3GSDK.framework, but the latest SDK available for download has no arm64 architecture slice, which is necessary for us to make a build optimized for the newer Apple Silicon M1 based macs. Could the macOS SDK framework be updated to include a fat binary that includes both x86_64 and arm64?

Hi Pierre, I will try to find out if we have plan for arm64 support for Apple M1 and let you know... In the meantime you could consider using the Hub REST API to effectively decouple your M1 optimised application from the Hub Desktop application, which would interact with headset on your behalf. We have a C++ sample of the REST API. Here is the URL: https://developer.plantronics.com/article/hubrestsample-new-c-rest-api-sample-pdc Thanks, Lewis

Any update on this? Does 3.24 supports M1 Mac or still not? How do you suppose apps, linked with Spokes SDK on Mac, but built as Universal binary, could use it when running app on M1 Mac?

Hi Pierre, A further update, Mac M1 SDK is expected sometime later in 2021. Thanks, Lewis.

Great! Thanks for the feedback.

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