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Serial Number from COM API
When calling the COM API in C# via the example provided on https://developer.plantronics.com/article/softphone-integration-code-samples, the Serial Number is not in line with what is displayed in Plantronics Hub. e.g. Plantronics Hub: S/N17WL18 Calling _device.SerialNumber from your Code Sample: FA6009F027F840E3BA7E5FEAFF4F1CAF How can I return the same value as is shown in Plantronics Hub?

Did someone solve this ? I am doing the same with Python with the same serial number 32 Hex digits.

Hi, Which device are you testing this with? The serial displayed in Hub may not currently be exposed by Hub SDK (Hub SDK exposes a unique 32 bit hex serial from the device)… Thanks.

Hello lcollins thank you for your time. I am testing with the Plantronics Headset Model 525 PID AF04 . Is there anyway to get the 6 digits serial number from the 32 Hex?,

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